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What People Are Saying:

After really immersing myself in the program, group calls, and all of Beth’s great content, I was able to actually start to be gentle on myself.

I really truly enjoyed the group calls and went out of my way to be on as many as possible in real time. I appreciated the honesty and vulnerability and hearing others’ brains and wheels work.

I 100% recommend this. This additional, intensive time with the material, the group, and Beth, was exactly what I needed to see and feel some real shift in my outlook and how I treat myself and all my loved ones.


This group helped me realize I was not alone. Each call someone would bring up how they were overcoming and dealing with their situation and I could always relate it back to mine.  Beth also had the best advice for each of us and we all had many “ah ha” moments together.

I now have the tools and the practice to be a better communicator. Having this allows me to adjust my thoughts, feelings and the way I pose questions to be able to handle any situation.  This not only has allowed me to reconnect on a deeper level with my husband but I also have used it to avoid conflict with my family and friends. 

I would absolutely recommend this. I feel like a new person and I feel like whatever life throws at me I am now armed to internally resolve it as quickly as possible and with grace!


Doing this work saved me. I would recommend!

I was talking with my friends about my issues and they avoided the uncomfortable. Beth knew how to take me to the uncomfortable places I needed to discuss in a way that felt warm.

I was able to change my thinking patterns. Her material showed me how to not beat myself up with my thoughts. My inner questions are now more productive, maybe not at first but I can see and hear the old pattern and correct it in my head. 


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